Hairstyle Trends for this upcoming Wedding season


Any bride-to-be will tell you that there is a lot of preparation that goes into planning a wedding, it doesn’t just happen by itself. That’s why the B.O.D squad makes sure they bring their A game to your big day, because they know just how much it means to you.

In order to continuously ensure that each and every bride achieves the look they want, the B.O.D squad have regular training days. Recently our talented team met up for a hair training day where they covered all the different types of braids and how to incorporate them into styles to suit all face types. They also went over how to prep for and create a number of different looks.


Our training sessions ensure the B.O.D squad stay on trend. The girls already spot a favourite for this coming wedding season, a soft braid curled around the lower part of the head with a few stray wisps of hair here and there, giving the bride an effortlessly styled look. See picture above.

For both bride and bridesmaids, we are still in love with the low messy or tidy bun with some baby’s breath flowers throughout. For bridesmaids a high pony tail with a soft wave through it can be quite striking, plus it’s highly likely that they’ll end up tying their hair back whilst dancing up a storm at some point during the night!

Flower crowns are extremely popular too. If you are unsure whether you want a flower crown or veil why not have both? You could wear the veil for the ceremony and crown for the party, or the other way around. It adds a touch of variety plus another look for you to play with during your photos.

On the topic of hair, here are some tips for choosing the perfect style for your big day:
– Look at photos of styles that are similar in colour to your hair colour
– Talk to your stylist about what is achievable with the amount of hair you have
– They may suggest hair extensions…don’t panic. These are clip-ins for the day, the process is easy and they cost around $160. Make sure to get them the week of your wedding, not before, as your hair may have changed colour. You can walk into and they will colour match your hair in 10 minutes max…easy!
– Think about your dress, the neck line and look you are going for. If your dress is boho-chic then a messy bun would work well, whereas if you have a more traditional dress then a classic chignon or French pleat would complete the look.

Bridesmaids Hairstyle4

On the day-
We ask all of our clients to wash, dry and straighten your hair the night before, so that it is clean, dry and smooth with no heat in it. This applies to all hair types, there will not be time on the day to dry and straighten and the heat affects the hair making it harder to work with.

Above all, talk to your stylist, at BOD we know how important it is that each client feels like her stylist ‘gets her’. It’s our job to help you get the look you desire, and if you don’t know what look you want, we can help with that too.

Till next time!

Naomi A,
B.O.D. Blogger.

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