The Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips!

You’ve got the dress sorted and know the ‘look’ you’re going for, now it’s time to start planing the makeup ‘look’ you’d like.. Wanting to keep it natural? Prefer a little more glam…?

We’ve put together these 10 bridal make-up tips, with a little help from the b.o.d squad, to make sure you look flawless on your big day!

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You’r DO’s for Makeup…

1. Make sure you have your trial 3 – 6 weeks out from the wedding date. You have time then to change it if you like, maybe you’ve thought about it and would like to try those lashes now.. or you’d like another trial with a slightly softer look. Feeling amazing about your makeup will in turn make you feel amazing about your self and give you a new boost of confidence for the big day.

2. Wear a white singlet when you have your trial, or even a pretty white dress with a similar neckline as ‘the’ dress. It’ll help you to have a truer feel for the makeup, and take a picture, actually a LOT of pictures as well as a video – even on your iPhone (with no flash) so you can really nit-pic the look to perfection.

3. Emphasise your eyes by brightening any darkness under them with corrector and concealer,’ Bobbi Brown is our all time favourite! Even your stylist doesn’t have it in her kit, buy it and ask her to use it. It’s really a winner!

4. Please bring makeup looks that you like. It’s really hard for artists to mind read!! (If we could – lotto come at us!!) And also please make sure you have the same skin colour and eye colour as the image you’re going off, even better if you know how to pick eye shapes and if you have a doppelbangers – PERFECT! Bring along pictures you like of them. Or if you’ve had a look done before on yourself that you love, bring that too. The more the better we say!

5. Don’t forget the lips! It’s really hard to find your perfect shade in general, so for your wedding its a good excuse to head out and look before your trial. Lip colour is extremly personal and if you’re a ‘lip’ girl then its best to head to MAC and start trying them all on. If you have no idea then ask the stylist on the day of the trial to try a few… you may surprise your self with a colour you’ve never tried before. Also a lip can change the whole look so we really place importance here.

6. Say YES to the lashes! Permanent, temp, full or individuals, just say yes. They really do add a little extra glam. Trust us, give them a go!

7. Focus on your skin. If you’re have a bad skin week and it’s not generally like that – find out why. Diets, foods etc. If you get them sorted then you’ll feel safe going into the big day. If you have problem skin now is the time to invest. Makeup artists are just that. makeup artists. Head to a Skin Doctor – for a consult to finally of those weekly facials we should all be doing – just hide the bank statements in for a few months 😉 We HIGHLY recommend The Face Place, call them in book in now! You won’t regret it, promise!!

8. Research your makeup artists, hate to brag here but we will. If you book a makeup artists that runs her own business, if she gets sick or something ‘pop’s up you don’t have back up. With Beauty On Demand – we have a whole team of amazing artists and if something on the very very rare occasion should arise – we’ve got you covered. And we’ll throw in an extra trial free with the new stylist so you can re-do the look. How amazing are we?!

9. Go pro. We’ve all heard the stories. Trust us. It’s a big day and we know what we’re doing. A friends friend is not a makeup artist. Also you can tell us what you think – we work for YOU and won’t be offended if you want to change something!

10. Be happy. A smile truly makes it. If you’re not feeling 100% amazing on your trial, call to re-arrange, we get that, we’re girls to. You only every look as good as you feel. And we want you to look 100% jaw droopingly amazing. So please talk to us, we understand!

beauty on demand |auckland mobile makeup hair & beauty for weddings and special occasions

We hope these tips help! Keep an eye out as well be writing a whole lot more for you all!
Love, the b.o.d squad x


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