Well Travelled Bride Styled Hens Party Shoot

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0016-3  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0135

Recently Beauty On Demand did the hair and makeup for a styled hens party shoot with the team at Well Travelled Bride.  We loved being a part of the day and getting the gorgeous models ready for the shoot. Check out some of the pictures from the day…

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9566  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9500

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0129  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9357

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0306  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A8873

If you are planning a hens party of your own then there’s no better way to spend the day than having the girls at Beauty On Demand throw you one of their famous Sparties. With manicures, pedicures, facials and other blissful treatments, you and your ladies will leave feeling truly refreshed and pampered. For more details click here.

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9852  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0024

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0306  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0135

There are a bunch of talented people we need to credit for these beautiful images. Firstly, the Well Travelled Bride www.welltravelledbride.com as well as Courtney Horwood Photography  www.courtneyhorwood.com.  Credit also to Pilkingtons for the gorgeous venue, Kelsey Genna (@kelseygenna) and Trelise Cooper (@trelisecooper) for the dresses, Yvette Edwards (@florist.stylist) for the flowers/styling, The Jellyologist (@thejellyologist) for the jelly cake, Kartell (@kartellauckland) for the glassware and House of Clayden (@dawn_clayden_) for the flower vases.

Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9844  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A9270

lastly  Well_Travelled_Bride_CourtneyHorwood_Photography_D3A0253

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